We got our final lake weekend of summer vacation in the books. Like our last visit, two weeks ago, this was a split weekend. Saturday was gorgeous: upper 70s, no humidity, warm sunshine, and a fairly open lake as a lot of the locals were already back in school. Then clouds moved in and Sunday was cool and rainy, which caused an early return home. We still have a Labor Day weekend trip planned, but with school and sports starting, it’s unlikely we’ll make another trip down before then.

We are pretty well prepped for school. We knocked the school supplies out early. We did a shoe-buying trip a week ago. Closets have all been organized, uniforms sorted and properly distributed. The school lunch calendar is on the refrigerator and the girls have marked when they’re getting hot lunch for the next three weeks. Backpacks are all ready to go Thursday morning.

C surprised us by starting to get up early on her own last week. And for the last two nights she’s gone to bed at 9:00 while her sisters stayed up until their summer bedtime of 10:00. For a kid who has almost no impulse control, C can sure surprise us when she is determined to do something.

When we got home Sunday I was hit with a flurry of “We have to do X and Y before school starts!” pleas. Funny how we had a couple weeks when no one wanted to leave their rooms or get off the couch, and when we had three days left with practices sprinkled in, all of a sudden everyone has an agenda.

You know what’s crazy: we didn’t go to a pool as a family all summer. We have a few friends who have pool memberships that we thought we’d tag along with as guests sometime, but those invites never came. And it was always on the list to go to the city pool, but it just never worked out. We may still be able to knock that out on a weekend while the pools are still open.

Today is full of practices, so other than a final Target run, we can’t really squeeze anything in. Tomorrow may be a State Fair day. We’ve never been, they’ve been begging to go for years, and it seems like a pretty solid way to spend the last day before school begins.