“September” – Earth, Wind & Fire. This is a god damn great song. How this peaked at only #8 on the Billboard Hot 100 is another indictment of the 1970s.

“September Gurls” – Big Star. One of the greatest power-pop songs of all time.

“Wake Me Up When September Ends” – Green Day. Since we’re sticking with a theme this week, this one is kind of an obligation.

“Suddenly Last Summer” – The Motels. A lot of folks may remember The Motels as a one-hit wonder. Hopefully a few of you have fond memories of this song, as well. Here’s the surprise: this song peaked at #9 on the Billboard charts, the same spot “Only The Lonely” topped out at. And “Suddenly Last Summer” actually went #1 on the Top Tracks chart, while “Only The Lonely” stalled at #6 on that list. I honestly did not know that. Weird how “Lonely” is considered a classic and is still played often while this song is largely forgotten. Martha Davis was also highly underrated as a Foxy 80s Music Chick. That’s her daughter playing the younger version of her in the video. Which I guess made Davis one of the first recorded Cougars, right?