It’s been a pretty good World Series through two games. Rather than offering up random notes, I thought I’d share the four most interesting things about the series so far.

1) Game one checking in at 2:28 was perhaps the greatest thing in sports this year. Seriously, I watched an entire World Series game – complete with game one extended introductions – and was in bed before 11:00 Eastern! Clayton Kershaw and Dallas Keuchel deserve a Nobel Prize for their efforts.

2) As I don’t really care who wins (more on that in a second) I do not have to stay up to ridiculous hours when the games do stretch out, as it did last night for game two. When Cody Bellinger’s shot was caught just short of the wall to end the ninth inning, I killed the TV and went to bed. I did not know anything about what were apparently pretty crazy 10th and 11th innings until I woke this morning. As much fun as Octobers 2014 and 2015 were, I’m just fine not staying up until 1:00 AM for baseball.

3) Mary Hart! The former Entertainment Tonight host sits just behind home plate at Dodger Stadium. What makes Hart so great is how into the games she is. Sure, you’ll see her chatting up Larry King and other people around her in the early innings. But when it’s crunch time, she is locked in. Most notably in the 9th inning last night, while everyone around her was on their feet to begin the frame, she was hunched over watching nervously. Maybe she knew something, because Kenley Jansen gave up a game-tying homer moments later. She probably detected a flaw in his delivery and knew he was going to struggle a bit.

Even better, Mary Hart does not flinch when foul balls rocket toward her. Twice last night balls hit the screen directly behind home. Both times others around her put their hands up or ducked. Both times she sat stone still and watched. That’s the sign of a baseball pro and not someone who just shows up for the marquee games.

Also, Mary Hart is almost 67. She appears to be keeping it together pretty well. Bonus points for that. Not that I should, or society should, judge people based on their physical appearance.

4) My rooting interests. I came into the series wanting the Astros to win. Great story, American League team, played an important role in the Royals’ World Series run in 2015 so I have some sympathy for their fans, a couple former Royals in their dugout. Seemed easy. But while watching game one, L said she was rooting for the Dodgers, then said, “So you’ll probably root for Houston to be against me, right?” That hurt a little bit, so I found myself rooting for the Dodgers that night. I guess I’ve settled in as neutral, which is a weird place to be. I prefer to root for someone or against someone so I can get wrapped up in the drama.