“Walkaway” – Weaves. I heard this song for the first time yesterday and immediately fell in love with it. I think I hear a little bit of Martha Davis, of The Motels, in the vocals.

“On And On” – Curtis Harding. This song has been bouncing around for a bit, but Harding just released the album it is the lead single for last week. Similar to Leon Bridges, Harding takes us back to a classic era in soul music. Where Bridges mills the early 60s, Harding pulls his sound from the early 70s, when soul music was exploding and going 100 different directions. His music has a lot of the same influences in it as Cee Lo Green’s music. Which makes sense, since Harding was a backing vocalist and musician on Green’s biggest hits. The album is a really good listen.

“Atlas Drowned” – Gang of Youths. Another one from my current music obsession. A week-plus into listening to their album constantly, this song is emerging as one of my absolute favorites. And the album itself is creeping up my best of the year list. Which has only 5-6 weeks left before I have to lock it in and share it with the world.

“Maria También” – Khruangbin. I don’t usually include instrumental tracks, but this one is delightful and demanded a spot on the playlist. These kids are from Texas but are obsessed with Thai funk, thus their name which translates to “Engine Fly” in Thai. OK then. 

“Town Called Malice” – The Jam. This song doesn’t get enough respect in the States. I’m a huge Clash fan, but I can also make a pretty reasonable argument that this is the best song to come out of the first wave of British punk bands in the late 70s. The organs and Motown bass disguise a pretty stark look at life in England in the dreary 70s, and Paul Weller’s hope to change things just a little bit.