Time for a link to a Joe Posnanski piece about life. This one hit me kind of hard because, although I’m a few years behind him in the dad business, I’m getting close to the stage he writes about. I’m already terrified of our girls learning to drive. I wonder how the hell my mom and step-dad turned me loose in a car after I got my license. Were they insane?

Granted, M still has two-and-a-half years before she’s driving, which is, relatively speaking, a long way off. There will be, hopefully, a lot of maturing between now and then. And as the first born rule follower, my concerns are muted just a bit for her. C, on the other hand? Yeah, that kid’s going to drive me to needing some kind of mood adjusting medication when time comes for her to drive.

None of this is about the stereotypical “my kids are growing up and I’m losing control of them” concerns. At least I don’t think they are. I’m good with my girls growing and gaining new responsibilities. I just absolutely freaking fear the one million things that can go wrong with a kid and a car. Especially with all the extra distractions kids face today that we didn’t have to worry about 30 years ago when we were beginning to drive.

Again, what the hell were my parents thinking?

Anyway, this is a lovely piece about Joe’s oldest daughter trying to get her driver’s license.

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