I’m working on a couple longer, more personal writing pieces to share over the next couple days. Thus, rather than writing about the Olympics or college hoops, I’ll share another link from my Instapaper stash.

I had planned on doing a What I’m Watching post before the holidays. That, obviously, kind of went to shit and is tough to recreate now since most of the shows I was watching then have wrapped up their seasons or are on hiatus.[1]

But this appreciation of the best show on TV, The Good Place, is worth sharing.

The Good Place Has the Best Acting Ensemble on TV

Everyone on that show is great. And Ted Danson is a god-damned national treasure.

  1. Stuff I watched a lot in the fall: The Good Place, Brooklyn 99, The Vietnam War, Ghosted, Bojack Horseman (season one only so far), and Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown. Other than Ghosted, which was uneven and flawed, I enjoyed all of those shows a lot.  ↩