Day: March 23, 2018

Friday Photo

I haven’t done this for months, which is odd because I’m always taking pictures. This strange weather week seems liked a good time to get back at it.

Until Wednesday we had received just under 10” of snow all season. Wednesday morning we got 4”, all of which melted by about 3:00 in the afternoon. Weird.

All week the forecast has shown that tonight and tomorrow could bring a huge snowstorm. If so, it would hit on the exact anniversary of the late March 2013 storm that dropped almost a foot of snow in some areas and wiped out our girls first day of school after spring break. A few days ago the forecast was for 8-10”. Now it has moderated to 3-6” with localized areas of heavier snow. And Monday it will be well into the 50s, so it will all likely be gone quickly again.

Wednesday after dropping the girls at school I took the camera to a local park to get some shots of the snowscapes. Not quite your typical early spring scene.


Friday Playlist

Jack White’s new album arrived this morning. I’ve listened to it once so far and am not terribly enthused by it. So I won’t share any songs from it in today’s playlist but will offer this link to a fine piece by Steven Hyden about the album and a connection between White and another legendary musician.

“What Are You Like” – Pugwash. Man, I was sure this band was some California band that was mining all the greatness of Tom Petty’s sound to launch their career. Turns out Pugwash is from Ireland and has been recording for nearly 20 years. Who knew? This is a gorgeous power pop gem.

“Saturdays (feat. HAIM)” – Twin Shadow. George Lewis Jr. got away from the sound that made so many people get excited about his music on his last album. But based on the two advance singles for his upcoming album, he’s moved back to the lush pop sound of earlier in his career. Another spring album to get excited about.

“We Are All Going To Die” – Spielbergs. A fine fist pumper/head nodder from this Oslo trio.

“Gloria” – Wussy. I’ve been waiting for this track to hit Spotify for three weeks. Wussy said it is based on a character in season three of Fargo which I did not watch. Excited that they have a new album set to drop in late May.

A special video this week. I have no idea how I had never seen this before, but it’s been floating around for the past day or so. On the occasion of the final night of Arsenio Hall’s original late night show in 1994, Queen Latifah put together an all-star hip hop send out for him. For fans of that era of hip hop, this is fantastic.

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