“Sugar & Spice” – Hatchie. Man, Hatchie’s five-song EP which came out a week ago is sneakily one of the best things I’ve heard this year.

“An Air Conditioned Man” – Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever. Speaking of Best of 2018, based on two early singles from their up-coming album, RBCF are poised to become one of the great bands in indie rock.

“Sleep All Summer” – Neko Case. Funny how I included the original Crooked Fingers version of this last week and today Case’s new album arrived with this cover, complete with vocals from CF’s Eric Bachmann. 

I was sitting on one Scott Hutchison tribute for this week’s video. When I went out to get the YouTube link to it this morning I found several more. I’ll share three of them below. These songs still make me very sad…

“My Backwards Walk” – Manchester Orchestra. FR and MO both toured together and recorded a quick, shared 7” together, so the ties between those bands were strong. Andy Hull’s performance here is beautiful.

“Head Rolls Off” – Noah Gundersen. I’m not sure I’ve ever listened to Gundersen’s music before. But this is a wonderful rendition of what many folks believe to be the best song Scott ever wrote (It’s my third most loved FR song).

“The Modern Leper” – Frank Turner. I should have known that Frank’s performance of my favorite FR song would be absolutely gutting. Not sure why I thought watching it was a good idea.