So frustrating that Spotify and WordPress still don’t appear to be working well together. So I guess I’ll stick to videos for the time being, until I can figure out why playlists no longer embed.

“Africa” – Toto. The song that blew up the Internet a couple weeks ago. I have mixed feelings. It’s pretty faithful to the original. Which makes it seem a little lazy to me. But, then again, why try to remake what has been a classic for over a quarter century now? “Africa” is one of the greatest bad songs of all time. Seriously, it is full of cheese and schlock and I should hate it. But those synths and that chorus…how can you not love it?!?! I’ve enjoyed my girls reactions Weezer’s version. They, too, love the OG. I guess it’s been on some show(s) they watch or something, and as our generation learned back in 1982, once that synth line gets in your head, it will never get out. We heard the Weezer version the other day in the car and the girls all agreed that it is terrible and the first one was way better. I just chuckled to myself rather than point out there’s hardly any difference between them. Oh well, it’s nice to not have to hide my love for this song.