Hmmm, based on my test post, it looks like Spotify playlist embedding might be working again. Naturally I had a post based purely on videos lined up for today…

Funny thing, all three times we’ve purchased a house, the third week of June has been involved in the transaction. Fifteen years ago we bought our current home in May, but moved into it the week of June 16–21. Six years ago we closed on the lake house on June 22 and headed down immediately after. Yesterday, we closed on our new home and made three trips with cars full of stuff over last night. Our official move is tomorrow.

Pretty weird, huh?

So some songs about houses. None of these necessarily have to do with moving but who cares?

“Pink Houses” – John Mellencamp. Required for Indiana residents.

“This House Is Not For Sale” – Ryan Adams. Actually it is for sale.

“Our House” – Madness. Hopefully our girls will have fond memories of our house at the end of our street. Here’s to new memories at a new house.