“You Amaze Me” – La Force. I’m not sure how to describe this song. There are hints of neo-R&B, but I wouldn’t say it’s a modern R&B song. There’s a healthy amount of indie rock to it, but it also doesn’t sound like standard indie rock fare. Nor is it straight, modern pop. Regardless, this ode by Broken Social Scene member Ariel Engel to her husband, fellow BSS member Andrew Whiteman, is excellent.

“Someday” – Phantagram. I planned on sharing this song a month ago when it was first released, just as I began having issues embedding Spotify playlists here. It remains worthy of sharing not just because it is a good song, but also because of its message. Sarah Barthel wrote it in honor of her sister, who succumbed to mental illness just over two years ago. Proceeds from its sales go to mental health awareness organizations. Given the losses of Scott Hutchison, Kate Spade, and Anthony Bourdain, this seems like about the best cause an artist can be for these days. I hear some common threads with Julien Baker’s “When I Turn Out the Lights,” another song about mental illness, in the opening lines.

“Queens of the Breakers” – The Barr Brothers. I believe I checked out some of The Barr Brothers music last fall when they released their most recent album. There was some buzz about them falling into the same broad area of music where The War on Drugs lives. At the time, I don’t think that comparison struck me as valid. But re-listening to this song recently, I now hear it.

“Mirrors” – Crocodiles. This one goes back a few years, to 2011, but it seems like a good song to crank up in the summer.