“All We Got Is Time” – Eldoradio. I really can’t find much out about this band or song. It’s a good tune for the summer, which is enough to share it with you.

“One Day Left” – Stars. If you’ve read my music writings over the years, you should know that I love songs and albums about breakups. This is a very specific breakup song: Stars say it is about the last 12 hours you spend with someone. Interesting point of view and a nearly perfect example of what Stars can do when they are locked in.

“Homemade Bliss” – T. Hardy Morris. When it’s too hot to go outside, as it will be here this weekend, make your own bliss at home. 

“Glass Jar” – Tristen. This song sounds like something Jenny Lewis would have written/recorded. Hey, guess what? Jenny Lewis provides backing vocals!

“The Gold” – Phoebe Bridgers covering Manchester Orchestra. Not really a vid, but a song only available on YouTube right now. My second-favorite song of 2017 has some serious staying power: I still hear it on SiriusXM at least once a week. And we are going to see MO in a couple months at a small venue here. I love Phoebe Bridgers as well, and her take on the song is wonderful.