Finally a day of calm. After about two weeks of constant activity by contractors, we have wrapped up whatever phase of the Fill the House cycle we are in. The latest projects were building a work station for S and adding a large, built-in to our main office. That involved custom cabinetry, some serious painting, and a lot of me sitting around either waiting for people to show up or monitoring them while they are here.

Other than a couple small paint touch-ups, I think we’re done. Our decorator is coming over later today to hang some lights and blinds for us. And I have someone coming to pick up an old desk we are getting rid of. After those items are checked off, we’ll be calm for awhile.

I’m excited to reclaim my office. My computer has been sitting on a table in our bedroom for two weeks, which has kept me out of any kind of music routine over that stretch. Sadly, the huge, ugly, but sweet sounding speakers I had been using will not fit the layout of the new room. I’m bummed about that because they sounded pretty awesome, and now I’ll go back to computer speakers. I think I’m going to have to upgrade those at some point, because I had become used to warm, room-filling sound since I claimed those speakers from my in laws last year.

After tonight’s final touches we will go back to waiting for furniture. We have a big shipment that should arrive in about a month now. We also just ordered some outdoor furniture that should be here in October. We have an outdoor area that needs a TV, so I’ve been reaearching the best way to get one mounted out there and then the TV itself. I’m looking forward to some cool fall evenings, sitting out there watching a game with the fireplace on. (Humble brag)

We still have a ways to go to get the house to some kind of new normal, but we’re getting there, slowly but surely.