I’m posting this a little early as Friday is a big day for the Mrs. and I: We are flying to New York City, the first visit there for both of us, believe it or not. Officially this is our annual trip to one of her conferences. But we will be spending most of the weekend with her two college roommates and their husbands. One lives in Jersey, the other is flying in from Chicago. It will be the first time the three former roomies have been together since we all went to the Bay Area together 11 years ago. Time flies!

We have a full agenda and I will, of course, catch you up on it next week.

Before I head out, I wanted to share two songs with you. First, what may the be song of 2018, one I’ve been rocking out to for several weeks. It’s been a slightly off musical year so far – not as good as last year at least – and this upcoming album gives me hope for the last four months of 2018.

“The Red Door” – Restorations

Next, a song for our destination. Bonus points if you dig around and find the conspiracy nut who broke this video down to prove that 9/11 was planned by the US government, or some stupid shit like that. I watched it a few years ago and it made me laugh. Sadly, as we’ve learned, those folks have a lot more sway in the world than we thought they did.

“New York, New York” – Ryan Adams