Finally a (fairly) easy and relaxed weekend.

No cross country for the first time since August. Coincidentally Saturday morning was the day one of C’s cross country coaches hosted his annual fall get-together. He’s a real estate agent – actually the listing agent on our new home – so he invites lots of clients in addition to friends and St. P’s families. So it was a pretty big gathering. The XC parents stood around in the fall chill and commented on how different it was from last Saturday. Granted, the party was in the morning and last week’s meet was in the afternoon, but there was a 40–45 degree difference. Wacky, wild stuff.

I don’t believe I shared that two weeks ago our furniture for our outdoor entertaining area arrived. I also had a handyman come help install a TV mount above the fireplace out there. A week ago I watched some of the night time football games out there in shorts, a t-shirt, and with the ceiling fan running. This Saturday afternoon I sat in jeans, a sweatshirt, and with the fireplace on. And I was still cold. It’s going to be very Midwestern if we get like two weekends to use the outdoor area between the heat and humidity of summer and the snow and freezing temps of winter.

Sunday L had her second basketball game. They again won easily – 26–11 I think and it was never close – although it was a little more work than last week. The fourth quarter was especially rough. Neither team scored until L got a steal and layup with under 10 seconds to play. The other team had a thuggish girl that was literally tackling people on breaks but never getting called for it. By the fourth quarter I think our girls were either afraid of her or just wiped out from all the running and shoving.

L had a better game, scoring 8 and actually converting a few layups. She had some more steals and made a couple decent passes. She got a little too cocky with her dribbling, though. She tried to crossover in front of a girl three times. On the first two, the girl didn’t bite and nearly got her hands on the ball. The third time she ripped it out of there. After the game I told L she can’t cross over when people are right on her. She said next time she’ll try to dribble between the defender’s legs. Good Lord…

While we were at basketball M and S were at Cathedral high school for M’s entrance interview. S was in the room with her during the interview and said M did very well. That girl does love to talk so I doubted she would have any trouble. Later in the day I asked her how it went and she shrugged and said, “OK, I guess.” When I asked what questions they asked her she wrinkled her face and said, “I don’t know, why would I remember that?” Yep, we’re going to spend more a year on high school than my parents spent on my first year of college and she can’t remember a few questions she was asked three hours earlier.