We’ll start with a playlist. If all goes well, I’ll have a video for you later in the day.

“Rain Check” – Carl Broemel. I’m not sure if I totally missed Indy native Broemel’s new album earlier this year, or if I listened to it and it just didn’t connect. I’m guessing it is more option A because this song rocks and I’m sure I would not have ignored it had I heard.

“4AM” – Spielbergs. Speaking of rocking, that’s all these guys are capable of doing.

“Ever Again” – Robyn. Her new album, Honey, takes longer to hit than her last album, the classic Body Talk. But moments like this are immediate and vital.

“Salt Eyes” – Middle Kids. I love the pace that MK work at. A couple singles in 2016. An EP in 2017. Debut LP this year. And already dropping new music on us. Fitting, then, that this was recorded in Ryan Adams’ PAX-AM studios, where he is constantly cranking out new tunes. MK are, officially, my favorite up-and-coming band now. Their sound is constantly morphing and they’ve yet to miss on anything they’ve tried. More people need to know about them.

“Love Is Alive” – Gary Wright. A throw-back jam for you. For some strange reason Fox used this song as a regular bumper music track during the baseball playoffs. Not sure if it was pulled directly from Joe Buck’s record collection or what. Anyway, it is a jam and a half, built on that opening riff and bass line that repeat throughout. It hit #2 back in 1976, matching what Wright’s previous hit, “Dream Weaver,” did.