Here we are, another calendar year about to end.

2018 was a wacky, wild year for us.

There were a ton of kid sports: volleyball, basketball, kickball, cross country, soccer, cheer.

There was our first family trip beyond the US borders for spring break in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

There was our first family visit to the ER, when C had a mystery issue in June that, thankfully, has never recurred.

S and I took a trip to New York City, a first for both of us.

Lots of books and music and sports on the TV in between.

We’re going to close the year by taking in our first Pacers game as a family later this afternoon.

Oh, and we bought a new house, moved, and sold two other homes.

Obviously the house thing is the biggest, most impactful event of the year. As I’ve written about often, it’s a big deal to change 15 years of habits. And despite being settled in comfortably it will probably be another six months – at least – before everything locks in mentally.

This was a year of transition for our family, and not just because of the move. It was the last calendar year our girls will all be in the same school, and the final we won’t have at least one daughter in high school or beyond for a long time. It was the last calendar year we had a daughter who was under 10 years old.

Put all that together and while 2018 was rather stressful at times, it was a jumping off point for a lot of (hopefully) great things to come in the years ahead.

As always, I must acknowledge that as I, and my family and friends, get older, it’s a bigger deal that we’re all around and healthy on January 1. Even for those of you I don’t get to see, or “talk” to, that much any more, I’m thankful you’re all still here with me. I hope each of you has a fabulous 2019, that our paths cross at some point, and a year from now we can all celebrate surviving another year.