This was our winteriest week of the season. Two days with sub-zero temperatures and windchills 20-30 degrees colder than that. Today is supposed to be the beginning of a major warm-up, but we woke to 4” of snow and a two-hour school delay. (Update: School was cancelled for the day about five minutes after I posted this.) So I thought the Spotify tunes should stick to a weather theme, with two new songs and two classics. And as a bonus, two videos this week. Happy February!

“The Sun Keeps on Shining” – rogov. When in doubt, keep this in mind and spring will get a little closer each day.

“Cold In The Summer” – Dan Mangan. This song is about getting older and getting soft, according to Mangan. But, still, there’s weather in the title.

“Fuck I Hate the Cold” –  Cowboy Junkies. I always wonder how many people I annoy on Facebook by posting that I’m listening to this song. “Please don’t use the “F-word” on Facebook. Sometimes my kids are looking at it with me…” You know you’re helping them win when you do that, right?

“Listen, The Snow Is Falling” – Galaxie 500. Kind of like waiting for the day after Thanksgiving and Christmas music, I always look forward to snowy days when I can rattle the windows with this epic track.

“Dylan Thomas” – Better Oblivion Community Center. Phoebe Bridgers has done it again. Last year’s boygenius release, her collaboration with Lucy Dacus and Julien Baker, was one of the finest of the year. Now she’s teamed up with Conor Oberst to make the first great album of 2019. And this track…oh, it is just so damn good.

“Yah Mo B There” – James Ingram and Michael McDonald. When news broke of Ingram’s death earlier this week, this song immediately began running through my head. “Well it’s a doggone shame, but never too late for change.” Words to live by, my friends. In James’ honor, I give you the 12” remix version of this classic. Appropriately this features a lot more shots of James than Michael. RIP.