Our era of good music continues.

“Cosmic Cave” – Ex Hex. This is a hell of a fun rave-up that really should make everyone who hears it jump around like a maniac.

“Harmony Hall” – Vampire Weekend. Everything has a backlash, especially in music. If you’re too smart, too clever, or too-anything, there will be a backlash. VW’s last two albums have been two of the best reviewed disks of their respective years. But there was something about their aesthetic that turned people off. I’ll admit, that got to me. I really enjoyed those albums, but barely listen to them or their songs anymore. So I thoroughly expected to not like VW’s new music. Surprise, this song is really, really excellent.

“We Are in the Wild and We Are Home” – John Davis and Matthew Caws. Two alt-rock geezers – relatively speaking – came together to give us this lovely, late-stage Beatles-esque, jam. Davis was in the classic band Superdrag. Caws remains a member of Nada Surf. 

“A Little More Love” – Juliana Hatfield. Ms. Hatfield returns with an album that is all covers of one of her musical heroes: Olivia Newton John. I’ve listened to most of the album, and while most of the songs are ok, many don’t quite work. Hatfield’s voice just doesn’t match Newton John’s, and the songs thus come off as lightweight imitations rather than loving homages. But this one, she gets just right. Which is kind of perfect, as it is not one of the ONJ songs that most of us would probably think of first. 

“I Hate Alternative Rock” – Beach Slang. The new Bob Mould album is out today. I’ve only heard a few songs so far, but I am digging it. So appropriate to share this brand-new cover of this 1996 Mould classic.

“Trailer Park” – Matthew Logan Vasquez. An ode to the part of Texas MLV grew up in, where there is a mix of people that contains a little of everything, and those folks learn how to come together and form a community.