It’s March! Which means accumulating snow Sunday followed by record cold for most of next week. Le sigh… Here’s some music to get you through the latest trash weekend.

“Capacity” – Charly Bliss. An ear worm that defies putting in a musical slot. I hear lines back to the music of at least three different decades in here.

“stay” – pronoun. In a somewhat similar vein is this track. It makes me a little jittery that spring weather still seems far off, because this sounds like a track for outside activities.

“Cotton Skies” – Westkust. GODDAMN ANOTHER ONE. Come on, spring, please get here quick.

“Ruby” – Strand of Oaks. OK, I’ll break it up a little bit. Here is the second fantastic lead single off of the up-coming Strand of Oaks album. I just hope this isn’t another one of those albums where he puts out all the best songs before the album, so listening to the entire piece ends up being a slight disappointment as there are no great tracks left to surprise us.

“It’s My Life” – Talk Talk. TT lead singer Mark Hollis died earlier this week; the cause has yet to be made public. I had a nice run with one of their greatest hits collections in the late 90s, although I always leaned to their early sounds. TT arrived as a New Wave or post-New Wave band, and were often slotted in with Duran Duran, a comparison that was never really fair. In time they dramatically changed their sound, making epic, complex, lengthy tracks that were highly influential on large swaths of future musicians. In fact I was surprised at the outpouring of comments from so many artists this week. Although I think I knew more about Talk Talk than the average child of the 80s, I had absolutely zero idea of the number of artists who drew from their work. This will always be, to me, their greatest song. In fact it’s one of the greatest songs of the 1980s.