As I said Monday, this is a very busy week. It’s already noon on Wednesday and it feels like the first half of the week has raced by as we get closer to our spring break departure tomorrow morning.

Last night M and C and I went to St. P’s first every big theater production. A few years back there was a suggestion that the school should bump up their arts offerings. From that came partnering with a production company to give kids the opportunity to be a part of a big, school-wide production. There have been some bumps along the road, as you can imagine. But last night was opening night and it was really, really good. I was a little surprised at how well things went. It shows that the months of practice paid off.

None of our girls were interested in performing, so we were just going as audience members. A few of M’s good friends had big parts, so she enjoyed that. I also thought it was funny that she went off and sat with three classmates – all boys – rather than C and I.

Oh, and the production? The Wizard of Oz. As a native Kansan I highly approved of the subject matter. Although I did text a couple of my Kansas brothers saying that if there was any messing with the geography of the show – making Dorothy from Indiana, for example – I would not be shy about expressing my disgust loudly during the show. There was no need to worry: Kansas’ finest moment outside of basketball and fighting against slavery was performed faithfully and with aplomb.

As for our trip, for the second-straight year we are returning to Mexico, this time staying in Cancún. We are lodging at a place that our old neighbors and some friends of theirs are also staying, so it will be fun to have people to hang out with. S and I went to Cancún the first year we dated, so I believe this is the first place we’ve ever gone back to. Although the hotel we stayed in back then either got destroyed in a hurricane, got razed and rebuilt as something different, or there was some other weirdness. Nineteen years is a long time in a vacation city!

This is the first time we’ve ever taken the girls out of school early at spring break. Our break actually begins Friday. But we saved a bundle by traveling Thurs-Thurs and we’ve generally been good citizens in our nine years at St. P’s, so we figured what the heck. Besides, they don’t do anything that last day anyway.

You all know that S is highly organized. She’s had piles of clothes on the floor in our bedroom for two weeks. I didn’t add my piles until Saturday, but we’ve been 95% packed for several days. Tonight it will be a matter of getting all of these piles and our toiletries into as few bags as we can. I’ve already pulled another suitcase because I think our first estimate was overly optimistic.

Our trip has already had a moment of high stress. Yes, before we even leave. That stress has not been completely removed yet, but odds are it will be. Because of that, I’m just going to tease you about it and won’t share the entire story until our return.

I’m going to try to get one post put together tonight and queued up for tomorrow or the weekend. But, for now, this is it for a bit. Happy spring breaks to the rest of you who are taking time off and away.