A bit of a busy week here for a variety of reasons, which has put me in the strange position of not having a big queue of new music to share. So some classics for you this week.

“Float On” – Modest Mouse. This song has jumped up a lot recently on Sirius for some reason. I think I’ve heard it 10 times in the last six weeks or so. M has been in the car with me a couple of those times and she and I are always pleased that she knows this is the song I was listening to when S’s water broke the night before M was born. 

“Only a Memory” – The Smithereens. I heard this on my way home after dropping the girls off at school this morning. Always great to crank up.

“So. Central Rain” – R.E.M. I skimmed an article this week that was a track-by-track breakdown of R.E.M.’s second album, Reckoning, to celebrate its 35th anniversary. I didn’t like them then, but I’m sure glad that I learned to love songs like this.

“The Lines Are Cut” – The Coast. One of those bands that I discovered after their very brief career and didn’t understand why they didn’t make it bigger. This is one of several great songs they had in their run from 2006-08.