Separating the playlist from the video this week, as I need to say a few things about the video.

“They’ll Never” – Stef Chura. Oh hells yessssss! This is the perfect song to get the warm weather season kicked off right! (I say that when we have almost no chance of reaching 60 today).

“Hello Sunshine” – Bruce Springsteen. Speaking of the sun…The Boss has a new solo album slated for later this year, and as this song shows, it will be a very different sound for him. I think I like it; it might fit what a guy his age should be doing more than straight-ahead rock. Sharing this today feels odd, though, as I’m thinking of his mental state and the guilt I feel when good songs come out of as artist’s pain.

“A Bathtub In The Kitchen” – Craig Finn. This song seems right today, as there is a Frightened Rabbit vide to the guitars in this track.

“Turn to Hate” – Orville Peck. I’m not totally sure about this song or this guy. I heard this song on SiriusXM earlier this week and it was definitely different. I did some reading up on Peck later and saw he fills some boxes I don’t think any other artist has ever filled: a gay, Canadian, cowboy who wears a mask all the time. Yep, pretty sure that’s a new one. I hear some mellow Billy Idol in his voice. I also hear some Elvis and Johnny Cash. Maybe some New Romantic-soul hybrid in there, too. And I’ve seen him labeled as a country artist. There’s a lot going on in a fairly simple song. I listened to his album once through. The first four tracks or so are solid, but then the tone gets a little monotonous.