“Beautiful Stranger” – DMA’s covering Madonna.
Just a video today. We had a huge, surprise storm blow through between 5:00 and 5:30 yesterday afternoon. Our power went out at exactly 5:32 and did not come back on until 4:45 this morning. Thus I’m scrambling a little this morning, and have to be at school for the annual Walkathon shortly. We were lucky; we only lost a few tree branches. There are houses very close to us with huge, old trees lying on their roofs. There are streets blocked everywhere. I can hear chainsaws and tree chippers from all directions. Power was still off for over 11,000 people in Indy last time I checked.

Anyway, a buddy sent this to me earlier this week. It didn’t hit me at first what the original was. Then, I had a High Fidelity moment: “Is that fucking Madonna?” I think this is tremendous.