I seem to recall making some July 4th centered playlists back in the day. I just searched through the blog archives and couldn’t find one, though. I think that’s probably because I scrubbed the site of a lot of old playlists and videos during one of my transitions to a new platform. Regardless, I think it’s been awhile.

So here is a list of songs that mostly have nothing to do with the holiday other than a word in their titles. They’re still all good songs, though, varied and worthy of your time.

Enjoy a safe and happy Fourth of July!

“Independence Day” – Bruce Springsteen
“Young Americans” – David Bowie
“Fireworks” – First Aid Kit
“American Girl” – Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
“Fourth of July” – Galaxie 500
“Kids in America” – Kim Wilde
“America” – Christopher Owens
“An American Dream” – Film School
“American Hearts” – A.A. Bondy
“July 4, 2004” – Jason Anderson
“Freedom” – Amen Dunes