“Just for Once” – The Building.
This song fits right in with the music I’ve been digging the most in recent years. Especially that guitar solo in the middle, which sounds like a combination of Wilco and The War on Drugs. I had no idea until about three minutes ago that the main creative force in this band is Anthony LaMarca, who just happens to be in The War on Drugs. Bookmarking their other tracks to check out as soon as I get this posted…

“Motherland” – Julia Jacklin.
This goddamned song. It will pop up randomly every few months and just floors me each time. I know I’ve shared it before, but whenever I hear it I feel obligated to share its brilliance with you again.

“Canter” Gerry Cinnamon.
Speaking of things right up my alley, here’s a Scottish singer who writes “brutally honest” lyrics. Apparently canter translates as “easy peasy” to Scots. I tend to agree with him: things would be easier if people weren’t such wankers.

“Not” – Big Thief.
HOLY SHIT. I MEAN, REALLY. Big Thief released an album earlier this year that was almost universally loved. I say almost because I didn’t love it. I think my dissatisfaction reached them, because they immediately recorded another album, and this is its lead single. Big Thief has never sounded this big, this angry, or this dangerous. I like it a lot. I think Neil Young would approve of the extended solo that closes the track.

“Couldn’t Know” – PAW.
It’s been a minute or two since I’ve shared any classic, Midwestern grunge with you. So here’s the best track of the genre. I did a lot of damage to my ears listening to these guys.