A few songs for your Friday.

“Shining Down” – Jesse Malin. Malin is an artist who has been on the periphery of what I like for a few years now. He’s worked with Ryan Adams, and that influence comes through rather clearly on this song.

“Get Lost” – Queen of Jeans. Love the vibe of this track that is about moving on. Feels perfect for the day that fall finally arrived in Indiana.

“All This Music Must Fade” – The Who. I’m generally out on bands that have been around forever releasing new music. I haven’t liked a new U2 song in 15 years or more. New Pearl Jam tracks don’t move me. Everything Foo Fighters put out sounds the same to me. At first glance, this song sounds just like everything The Who have put out in the back half of their career. But there’s something about it that is comfortable and makes it work. They aren’t trying to crank it up to 11 anymore, but there’s also enough of an edge just below the surface to remind you they were once the biggest and best band in the world. And I love the cheekiness of the lyrics. Not a great song, but certainly a fun one that I’ll listen to for a week or two.

“See A Little Light” – Bob Mould. I was listening to some Bob yesterday, specifically taking another listen to the album he released earlier this year. When it was done, Spotify jumped right into their Top Tracks for him and this old classic was first on the list.