“Hail, Hail” – Pearl Jam
A bit of an odd music week for me the past few days. I’ve hit the point in the calendar when I set asdide new music I dive into my Favorite Song list for a bit to start whittling it down to a manageable number before the final push to rank them for the year. Ah, but this year ends in a nine, so there’s also a Decade list to work on. Thus, this week I’ve been listening to my Favorites of 2019 and Favorites of the ’10’s list a lot.

Without much new music to share, I thought I’d post something that jumped out at me as I scrolled through my Liked songs on Spotify. Fall is Pearl Jam season for me. Their first four albums were either released in late summer or fall, or I was still listening to them a lot in the fall (Ten).

Here’s a PJ song that I do not believe gets enough credit. It’s a hell of a song, right up their with their best. As an added bonus it was clearly a big deal to Dave that they played it on his show. In fact, Paul and The World’s Most Dangerous band played “Hail, Hail” going into commercial breaks until the Late Show went off the air.