“Lenox Hill” – Thyla. This here shit? This is the shit that is right up my alley these days. Driving, dreamy pop with a female vocalist. Wait until you see my Favorites of 2019 list…

“Now I Know” – The Whiffs. This song has a serious late ‘70s/early ‘80s vibe to it. The rock music of that time that bumped up against New Wave but still had a garage rock core. This Kansas City band could have opened for The Knack.

“Between Me and My Maker” – Kele. From the lead singer of Bloc Party, something very different than the sound he created with BP. Far more introspective and soulful than the frenetic music he generally made with his band.

“Fortune” – Wye Oak. As always, any new music from WO is fabulous. The band is gearing up for a new tour on which they will play music from all parts of their careers, including tracks from their excellent side projects Flock of Dimes and Joyero.

“White Horse” – Laid Back. Being an avid American Top 40 listener, I knew this duo was from Denmark and, thus, I assumed they were white. I remember people being super surprised when they saw this video and saw they were some goofy Euros. Funny to read through the comments on this video and see people still getting their mind blown by the fact some pasties from northern Europe could make something this funky. Prince’s “Erotic City” was allegedly influenced by this.