It’s probably a good thing today is a holiday and most of my Kansas City friends are probably just now going to bed after celebrating the Chiefs’ AFC title overnight. I say that because I didn’t see much of either game yesterday, so I don’t have a ton to say.

I saw a decent chunk of the first half of the AFC game, although I was distracted during much of it. Still, I saw enough that when I lost control of the TV at halftime I didn’t sweat missing some epic finish.

Whilst I have not conveniently found some latent love for my hometown team, I am happy for all my friends who are long-suffering Chiefs fans. I enjoyed the Royals World Series runs with most of those friends. I’m sure KC is going to be a ton of fun for the next couple weeks.

I was even more distracted during the NFC game, but still saw long stretches of the first half before I again lost control of the TV. I don’t know that there is a defense that can slow down Patrick Mahomes when he’s healthy. But San Francisco could at least make it interesting for awhile. Despite the Chiefs’ first quarter defensive struggles the past two weeks, it’s hard to see the SF offense doing enough to make it a game. The Niners performance the past two weeks has a flukey feel to it, and came against two defenses that aren’t as good as the Chiefs.

In other words, despite having a limited view of yesterday’s games, I don’t see the Super Bowl result being in doubt. Or the score being terribly close.

L was happy that the Chiefs won, although as is her typical nature, she refused to watch any of the game. She’d much rather be playing on the XBox, on her iPad, or outside than watching any sport.

Bigger for her, though, was that we went out yesterday and bought a basketball goal. Today we are having some concrete poured to make two additional parking spaces. This is primarily for teenage drivers and their guests to park without blocking cars that are in the garage. A nice benefit for L is that this gives us space to put a hoop in. I had done my research online so the actual shopping part of our visit to the showroom was pretty brief. After I made the purchase we hung out and played two games of HORSE and she bounced on the trampolines for awhile. We were the only customers, it was a bitterly cold day, so it made for a nice way to waste an hour.

I was disappointed I couldn’t get a trick shot I tried roughly 20 times to work. Standing under a 9-foot goal I shot over a 10-foot rim, over a 9-foot rim, then attempted to bounce the ball off an 8-foot basket into a 7-foot rim.[1] I got this idea because on my first attempt to make on in the 8-foot rim I missed but my ricochet nearly went into the 7-foot basket. Naturally that was the closest I came to making it, but that didn’t stop me from trying another 19 times.

Beyond that it was a pretty quiet weekend. We were on nephew duty so that altered our routines a bit. I’ll talk more about our time with him in a few days.

  1. These hoops were all in a line, roughly 4–5 feet between each rim.  ↩