It’s another one of those all-Aussie weeks. With KU basketball about to get hammered by the NCAA and our country as toxic as it has ever been, I’m thinking about talking S into scrapping our lives here and moving to Australia so I can sit on the beach, listen to great music, and wait for COVID–19 to wipe out the world.

“Sandwiches” – Gordi. A gorgeous song, an ode to Sophie Payten’s late grandmother.

“Pull Apart Heart” – Eliza & The Delusionals. Another banger from Eliza and her crew.

“Sucker For Punishment” – Alex Lahey. I’m not tracking this super closely, but Lahey may be the first artist to appear on my Favorites of 2019 list to issue a new song. This is as fun and aggressive as her debut album of last year.

“Combat” – Hazel English. Although based in Oakland now, English recalls some of the American country influence on classic Australian pop on this beautiful track.

“Monsters” – Something for Kate. I never heard of this band before last week, but apparently they were a big deal in Australia in their heyday. Because of the video below, I dove into their music. Most of it was not for me, but I really enjoyed this song.

“Edge of Town” – Paul Dempsey covering Middle Kids
Here’s how I discovered the lead singer of Something for Kate, via his amazing cover of this Middle Kids modern classic for Triple J.