My normal Monday posts are summaries of what happened over the weekend, mostly revolving around sports. So what to do when there were no new sports to watch?

I did watch some of (and recorded the entire) replay of the Kansas-Dayton game from last November. That was such a great game and it would have been fun if those teams had met again, either in Atlanta or on the road there, to see how they matched up with four months of growth. KU’s defense wasn’t nearly as good in November as it would be at the end of the season. Devon Dotson was a better player at the end of the season than the beginning, but the Dayton game was perhaps his finest game of the season. I know Dayton kept rolling but didn’t watch any of their games to know how they compared to their November selves. Alas…

No kid sports either, obviously. We were gearing up for spring sports. C and L were supposed to have their first track practices Friday and Sunday. L was supposed to get her soccer roster today. M was supposed to have tennis tryouts tonight. This was to be my final season running the kickball program. With the latest CDC recommendations that everything be shut down for at least eight weeks, I doubt we will have spring sports seasons.

Saturday we had several hours of heavy, wet snow. The ground was warm enough that the roads only got slushy by the ground was covered for several hours. Since it was the middle of March the girls had no interest in playing in it.

We let C have a friend sleep over last night. We figured this might be one of her last chances to do it. With S in healthcare I’m pretty sure we will be exposed at some point, so I’m less worried about someone else bringing Covid into our home than us giving it to a guest down the road.

Life goes on in some ways. C has an ortho appointment this morning. I got the confirmation text Saturday and haven’t received a cancellation call yet, so looks like it will proceed. She is sooo close to getting her braces off that I know she would be bummed if she missed an appointment. That could be her issue: today might be fine but as we get deeper into her final detail work and the eventual removal, those are the appointments that will be in the most jeopardy.

Our tradition is that we get her lunch somewhere after her ortho appointments before she returns to school. We’ve decided to cut out restaurants for the time being, but I’m debating whether it is safe to go ahead and get something today. The logic being, again, so long as it is carry out it will be safer today than two weeks from now. The CDC, etc have not said to avoid getting food outside the home, just to avoid sitting and dining. So I may gamble that it will all be fine.