Happy Friday, y’all.

It’s a WordPress/Spotify Fuck Up Week so here’s a link to the playlist.

“Melancholy, MA” – The Sheila Divine
I just discovered this week that TSD, a band I loved almost 20 years ago, put out a new album last year. I listened to it and was impressed with the first 4–5 songs before it lost steam and meandered to the end. Those good songs don’t match their classic ones, but they’re good enough to throw into the rotation for awhile.

“Time (You and I)” – Khruangbin
We could all use a little more funk in our lives these days.

“Smoke” – Jess Williamson
More overtly country than the first two singles from her up-coming album (out next week), but this is country I can get down with.

“Videostores” – Quivers
The Australian takeover of my music continues. Although this group sounds more like a late ’90s act along the lines of Primitive Radio Gods than your standard, Aussie jangle pop.

“Next Year” – Foo Fighters
It might be a little early, but I think a lot of us are looking forward to 2021 and hoping for better things. Like maybe the show for which this was the theme, Ed, will finally show up on a streaming service.

“Images” – Maggie Koerner
I discovered her on the New Orleans season of No Laying Up’s Strapped series last year. I was just re-watching that last week and thought I’d look her up. Turns out she just released this new song, which is awfully damn good. Excellent timing!