“Change Kills” – The Pack a.d.
I swear I shared a track from these ass-kickin’ Canadians last week, but I guess not. I just discovered them last week, which is a pity since they are apparently on a (permanent?) hiatus. Last year they released it was fun while it lasted, and announced that they were done touring and, likely, recording. I have to say, the album is a pretty amazing way to say goodbye. It roars and shakes and tries to destroy everything in its path. This song makes me want to run through a wall and hit people. And I mean that in the context of sports, not in terms of actually assaulting innocent civilians. I get the feeling the band would not be cool with wanton violence.

“It’s Still Cool If You Don’t” – Briston Maroney
Not quite as good as the excellent tracks he released last year, but Maroney continues to trickle out thoroughly listenable and enjoyable songs.

“Dino’s” – Gordi and Alex Lahey
Two terrific Aussie indie artists singing about a Nashville dive bar and everything they miss about playing live and being amongst people.

“Instrument” – Valley Maker
I have many sweet spots. This hits one of them right in the middle.

“Start Again” – The Lottery Winners with Frank Turner
Spring is almost here. The vaccines are rolling out. There are still numerous reasons to be pessimistic. But for the next three minutes and thirty-six seconds, throw aside those fears and get excited about better times arriving.

“The Passenger” – Iggy Pop
Iggy + David Bowie + 1977 = some pretty good shit.