Speaking of Ted Lasso, I ran across this column the other day. We have Apple TV+ free because of device purchases, and although it isn’t always super easy to find shows on the TV app, I didn’t struggle as much as this writer did.

However, it has sucked that so many friends who I think would absolutely love the show haven’t watched it, either because they don’t want to add another streaming platform to their monthly bills (Totally understandable; I wouldn’t have paid for it.), or it’s a royal pain to figure out how to watch things.

Kind of crazy that Apple, the company which better than anyone else in the world, tries to make things “delightful” to use so that customers come back to their products again-and-again, has made TV+ so hard to navigate. When you enter the marketplace with a much smaller pool of content than your competitors, you can’t screw up the user experience this badly and hope to convince the public your service is worth the additional bill.

I love ‘Ted Lasso,’ but man do I hate Apple TV Plus