We’ve reached the point in the year when it starts to hit you how deep into the calendar we are. I’m only 4-5 weeks away from starting to give early attention to my favorite songs of the year list. Yeesh.

“Undone” – The Shivas
I know I had heard of this Portland band in the past, but can’t say that I recall any of their songs. This one is treeeeemendous! I sampled a few of their other tracks and none either sound like this or can match it’s feel. There’s really a little of everything in this track, from the ’60s up to the present. They get that mix just right.

“In Blur” – Deafhaven
Once black metalists, Deadhaven pivoted toward more traditional shoegaze on their latest album. Which pissed off a lot of fans. The move worked for me, as I dig this and several of their other new tracks.

“Blue Heaven” – Public Service Broadcasting with Andreya Casablanca
PSB’s upcoming album is inspired by a trip to Berlin, and time spent in the Hansa studios where both David Bowie and U2 recorded some of their best work. German singer Casablanca supplies the vocals on this ripper.

“Running” – Blackfoot
Some more wonderful Zamrock for your ears.

“Get Off Of My Cloud” – The Rolling Stones
RIP to Charlie Watts. I’m not a drummer, I don’t know much about music theory, but I knew exactly what people writing his obituary were saying when they described him as an “in the pocket drummer.” He was always right THERE. Never flashy. Always with that little grin on his face.

“Midnight Rambler” – The Rolling Stones
While looking through some live Stones vids, I came across this insanely good performance from 1971.