“I Don’t Wanna Wait” – The War on Drugs
Not that there was much doubt, but pretty sure based on the past week alone The War on Drugs will be my most listened to artist of the year. The new album, I Don’t Live Here Anymore, is fantastic. I’ll post a review next week where I will share more thoughts, but the band has entered hallowed territory by releasing four-straight absolute bangers of albums. Through a week of listens, this is one of my favorite tracks on IDLHA.

“The Hardest Cut” – Spoon
Interesting that Spoon released a new single days after the new TWOD album. Two bands that just refuse to put out bad music. Another straight jam from Spoon.

“For Love” – Ashley Shadow
“Wrong Time” – Julia Shapiro
I’m starting to get backed up with these moody songs by ladies, so I guess I should share more than one each week.

“Adore You” – Harry Styles
This was a big week for M. She got to go to Milwaukee with two friends to see Harry Styles in concert Wednesday. It was nearly all she had hoped for, and she returned completely glowing over the experience. (Best concert story: she ran into a random girl who was dressed exactly like her. They took a pic and hugged.) I’ll admit I’ve come around on Harry. I loved this song when it came out two years ago. And he seems like a silly, positive dude who just wants to make people happy. Glad he makes my daughter happy.

“Puppy and a Truck” – Jenny Lewis
Funny that Jenny released this Wednesday, the day M saw her open for Harry. I told M a few weeks back that I really like some of Jenny’s music, but didn’t know if she would like it. M remembered this song, because it was “weird.” Yeah, not sure it is aimed at 17-year-olds…

“If You Fail We All Fail” – Fields
Last week I was skimming some of my old Favorite Songs of the Year posts and was reminded of this terrific track that has, unfortunately, kind of disappeared. Fields lost their record contract after one album and seems to have fallen through the cracks as recorded music has shifted to streaming. You can’t find their album on Spotify. I would imagine it isn’t on Apple Music, either. Luckily I still have an MP3 on the media server in the basement. This video bothers me a little because the mix is completely different from the single, with the vocals much more up front. It’s just not what I was used to.

Anyway, this was my #3 favorite song of 2007. Fields’ debut album was pretty good, as I recall, and they got good run in the music press. They deserved better than for their music to disappear.