There is an unintentional theme to this week’s playlist.

“Tunnels” – Weakened Friends
A huge, crunchy very 90s song about getting your heart broken. It’s awesome.

“Lo Lo Lonely” – Young Guv
YG returns in March with a double album filled with his take on power pop. I know Matthew Sweet put out an album last year. I didn’t listen to it, but this reminds me of his work back in the 1990s.

“Don’t You Grow Up” – Kindsight
I don’t keep track where bands I share on Fridays hail from. I would imagine we’ve had a Danish band before, but I also figure Danes are few and far between in these posts. I’ve got a little Danish blood so I’m genetically inclined to like this. Hey, guess what? It has a ’90s vibe to it! Not sure how all these songs popped up this week.

“Lift” – Stutter Steps
Hell, why not one more song that sounds like it could have gotten some airplay on a mid-90s alt-rock radio station?

“Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker)” – The Rolling Stones
I finished season three of Narcos: Mexico last night. This was used in the opening scene of the last episode. Not sure it really lines up with the Mexican drug cartels of the 1990s, but it sure sounded good. Anyway, the timing of that show gives me the angle to include this track in a playlist that calls back to the Clinton era.

“In the Meantime” – Spacehog
A couple weeks back the Sunday Pitchfork retro review was of Spacehog’s debut album, Resident Alien. I bet I’m like most of my friends my age and this was the only song I ever listened to off that disk. But what a freaking song! The review led me to this listing of biggest one-hit wonders of the alt-rock era. There are some good songs in here.