Although our big winter storm was kind of a dud – I’m guessing we are in the 7-8″ range instead of the 12″+ that was forecast – this is snow day number two for our girls. Which means as soon as I get this posted I’m outside for round number two of shoveling so S can head to work in a bit.

“Running with the Hurricane” – Camp Cope
I’ve been digging this powerful song for a couple weeks. Since it has a very Americana vibe, I forgot the band is Australian and probably should have been in last week’s playlist. But maybe I should include an Australian artist every week, right?

“Lights” – Band of Horses
BoH hasn’t released an album in six years. They’re about to fix that, and both of the lead singles have been really good.

“Still Life” – Carson McHone
This slides into my little happy place that only female, folksy, singer-songwriters has been filling lately.

“Listen the Snow is Falling” – Galaxie 500
An obligatory listen on cold, snowy days.

“Excursions” – A Tribe Called Quest
As I noted in my January Media post, this song was used to magnificent effect in Station Eleven.

“Ca plane pour moi” – Plastic Bertrand
While on the subject of old songs used in prestige TV shows, I finished the first part of season four of Ozark last night. Holy motherforking forkballs! This semi-obscure Belgian song from 1977 got prominent usage in an episode. This video is really something!