“Invincible” – Eddie Vedder
I included EV’s “Brother the Cloud” in last week’s playlist. That was also the release day of Ed’s solo album Earthing. Shortly after posting that PL, I virtually spun the album for the first time. And I almost haven’t stopped since. As with the first two singles, I was blown away by how unexpectedly great the album is. There are a few Pearl Jam-y tracks, but it is more indebted to Ed’s childhood love of pop and is filled with references to his musical heroes. There are guest appearances by Stevie Wonder (in a truly mind-blowing song that may show up here down the road), Elton John, and Ringo Starr.

And then there are the vocal references to a couple other heroes that pop up on this track. So much of this song reminds me of Joe Strummer’s solo work. Both Ed’s voice and cadence, the structure of the song, and the way Ed puts his thoughts together sound like they could easily have been on Strummer’s album Streetcore. Ed even includes the phrase “The Excitement Gang,” a line that appears on the single “Coma Girl.” And about 2:40 into the song, Ed suddenly sounds like So-era Peter Gabriel.

“Don’t Go Throwing Roses In My Grave” – Gregor Barnett
Barnett, the lead singer of Menzingers, sounds very Brian Fallon on this terrific track from his first solo album.

“I Could Be A Real Winner” – Superfamily
Last week I knocked out episode two of Slate’s Hit Parade podcast about the career of Daryl Hall and John Oates. It was the best. At the end, Chris Molanphy noted some modern acts that have been heavily influenced by H&O. I had never heard of this band, made up of extremely well-educated Norwegians. It’s great, and certainly has a lot of H&O in its DNA. Especially the singer, who sounds a hell of a lot like Daryl Hall.

“Do You Still Wanna Make Out?” – Swami John Reis
I defy you to play this and not bounce around the room. Or at least rock in your office chair a little.

“Pure Love” – Flock of Dimes
Roughly 95% of everything that Jenn Wasner does is absolutely brilliant.

“Porta” – Sharon Van Etten
Another intensely personal song from badass SVE, laid over amazing synthpop. The video is of her doing pilates with her friend and trainer who helped pull her from the depression this song is about.