A playlist filled with, mostly, heavier tracks this week.

“Angelica” – Wet Leg
A little change in sound on this latest track from Buzz Band Wet Leg. There’s some Missing Persons in the DNA of this song. And some grungy guitars that aren’t quite Shoegaze but certainly owe something to that movement.

“Rockstar” – Momma
Speaking of crunchy, ’90s guitars, this track is overflowing with them. These ladies are opening for Wet Leg on part of their upcoming US tour. That will be quite a show!

“Any Day Now” – SPICE
I was thinking I had included this at some point, but after a (very) quick check I’m not seeing it. Apologies if I just didn’t look hard enough. This power-punk track is by a bit of a supergroup; SPICE features members from at least three punk bands that, if you were deep into the Cali punk scene, you would probably know about. I’m not, so all of the dudes are new to me.

“Nakanegh Dich” – Mdou Moctar
A bonus track from Moctar’s recently released expanded version of his Afrique Victime album. It kicks ass.

“Man on the Moon” – R.E.M.
Steven Hyden just released his Top 100 REM Tracks list, so I’ve been working through that this week. It took me a long time to get into R.E.M., but once I did, I was really into them for awhile. Automatic for the People will always be my favorite R.E.M. album – it’s nearly perfect – so I picked this gem from it to serve as both our video and my linking point to Hyden’s list.