“Roman Holiday” – Fontaines D.C.
FDC’s new album dropped last week, to critical acclaim. It is a little too one-note for me, so no surprise that this track is the one that stuck out to me, as it is the only one that varies (slightly) from the rest of the album’s sound.

“Wonderment” – Chastity Brown
Hey, it’s Adele music for people who like good music! I kid, I kid! Adele is just fine, if a bit to adult contemporary for me. I didn’t realize the similar qualities in Brown’s and Adele’s voices until CB released this new single last week. If Adele sang over music like this I might like her more.

“Pressure Cooker” – Dazy, Militarie Gun
Tom Breihan is my current, favorite music writer. Here’s what he wrote about this song for Stereogum:

“You know that feeling when you hear a song for the first time and you know, right away, that you’re about to utterly run it into the ground? This song is a fucking banger.”

Yep, can confirm.

“Brighter Than the Sun” – Boy With Apple
Maybe the sun will come out, and stay out, here someday.

“Caught By The River” – Doves
Facebook told me this morning that Doves released The Last Broadcast, their most successful album, 20 years ago today. See, once every six months or so FB will provide some interesting and useful information! The Last Broadcast hit exactly in the sweet spot of what I was into during the file sharing era. It pulled from the ’90s but also carved out its own sound. It informed a lot of what I listened to in the iTunes era that was soon to come. It is one of those albums that has always stuck with me because, while not revolutionary, it still felt different and exciting when I discovered it. I first heard Doves in the summer of 2001 via the Music Choice cable music channels and their 2000 single “Catch the Sun,” but this was the album that made me a Doves fan for life.

“Hole In The Ice” – Neil Finn & Friends
We also just passed the anniversary of the first 7 Worlds Collide concert, my #1, “If I Could Go Back in Time and Attend Any Concert” show.