“Beaming” – The Treasures of Mexico
What a glorious piece of jangle pop this is, harkening back to the mid-80s college rock scene.

“What Now” – Brittany Howard
Howard bringing the funk to her blues. If you don’t like this, stop reading these posts.

“Beautiful Sky” – Semisonic featuring Jim James
I gave Semisonic’s new album a listen when it came out. Their advance singles were all the best songs, with this one exception, a perfectly named track.

“Hard Pill” – Tribes
I don’t know a thing about this band. Apparently they had some success in the early 2010s, especially in their native UK, then split in 2013. This came out earlier this year and was the first single of their reunion. It’s not bad. Not great, but not bad. It sounds like a midpoint of about 10 post-Britpop bands.

“Hold on You” – Valley Queen
This track from 2017 popped up while I was driving the other day and I immediately cranked it up. I had kind of forgotten about Valley Queen, which had a wonderful sound that mixed Seventies rock with country and threw in some jam-band vibes to top it off. I’m going to have to see if they’ve done anything lately.

“November Was White, December Was Grey” – Say Hi
Timehop told me this week that twice in the past three years we already had snow by now. Not this November which, other than a brief cool snap, has been very pleasant. Like all of 2023. Good Lord are we going to get punished by Mother Nature next year to pay for this year. Anyway, it was pushing 70 Wednesday and Thursday, but today the weather is finally turning and by next Wednesday it is going to be downright cold. No whiteness, though.

“My Backwards Walk” – Frightened Rabbit
I’m glad YouTube periodically suggests clips from this show. I wish I had seen FR play this version of this song in person. You’re the shit, and I’m knee deep in it.