We’re off to scenic French Lick, IN in a couple hours. No, we’re not camping out in Larry Bird’s front yard. We’re sharing a cabin with two other couples for the next two days. I had no idea, but apparently French Lick is kind of resorty. More in a Hot Springs way than a Branson way, but Larry is trying to build a casino there so there’s always hope that we won’t have to drive nine hours to see Andy Williams in the near future. I guess it’s fairly cool down there, though. Every time I tell someone that’s where we’re spending the holiday, they act like it’s a good thing. Or maybe that’s just Hoosier sarcasm and I don’t get it yet.

2003 was certainly an eventful year. I got married (twice for good measure). Was in two other weddings. Bought a house. Moved. Traveled to New Mexico, Oregon, Colorado, Arizona, Washington, and California for work. Went to South Carolina and the Caribbean for pleasure. Loved Roy Williams. Cursed Roy Williams. Bought a new Final Four shirt. Bought a Tangerine Bowl shirt. Enjoyed the best Royals season in over a decade. Read a lot of books, listened to a lot of music. Even with some work-related headaches, and other annoyances along the way, it was certainly the best year of my life. I must be doing something right if I can say that when the last five years have been pretty damn good too. Hopefully 2004 is full of excitement, happiness, and good health too.

I’ll not be posting until Monday, probably. (I just realized last night I have to put together some kind of Big 8+4 basketball preview by Monday. I thought the season didn’t open until next Saturday.) I hope all of you have happy and safe New Years celebrations (especially those of you in New York and Las Vegas). And may your 2004s be full of all that you hope and dream for.