Heartburn. Or reflux I guess. I’ve got something going on with my stomach that I don’t like. For about a month, shortly after I eat, I’ve been getting these waves of mild nausea. The kind where you think you’re going to throw up in, say, five minutes, but you never get all the way there. I hadn’t had any real feelings of indigestion or heartburn with it until today. I’m pushing four hours of suffering today and the good doctor has the cheery opinion it could be reflux or an ulcer. Great. Looks like I’ll be on the Pepcid for awhile.

Or maybe it’s just the way the Royals are playing today. I ordered MLB Audio and can now listen to every home and away broadcast of each MLB game this summer. The Royals promptly stunk it up big time today. That means I can listen to Ryan and Denny bore me on a daily basis as long as the Royals are still in the pennant chase. Should they drop out of the running, I can start listening to the Red Sox and practice my Boston accent. The wisest $15 I’ve ever spent, I believe.

Since we’re on the subject of spending money, there is now a bookcase, nightstand, and mattress in the Little Girlfriend’s room. Tonight, stomach cooperation pending, the crib will be put together. The changing table and rocker are on order. While I was out of town last week, the Girlfriend’s room was painted. It’s scary how fast this is happening.

While waiting to go out Saturday night, we watched part of the rebroadcast of the first episode of the Bachelor. I was pleased to see a woman named DeShaun on the program, meaning the name is back on the list! If anyone runs across a female LaDanian, let me know ASAP!

That kid can kick, too. I had my hand on S’s stomach Sunday night and she gave me a big wallop. I pushed a little bit back and felt something solid. It freaked me out, because whatever it was, a head, an ass, a leg, pushed back a little, then disappeared. There’s really something alive in there!

I was a horrible, horrible blogger over the weekend. I had my little notebook in my pocket all day Saturday, but never took a moment to write down any details of the O’Bash. Despite the weather, which really wasn’t as bad as it looked, it was a fine day. As long as the wind stayed out of our faces, it really wasn’t that chilly. It helped that I brought a fairly heavy jacket, gloves, and stocking cap. I have a feeling an unlined jacket and no hat wouldn’t have kept me nearly as snug. As John pointed out, the rain made this year unique and memorable. The last 3-4 years kind of run together because the weather has generally been excellent. It’s the ’97s, ’99s, and now ’04s that stick out because it was an accomplishment to survive the weather.

There was an extra Juntos Podemos t-shirt floating around Saturday, which managed to land in my hands so I could pass it along to S. I’m going to ask my sister-in-law with the Spanish degree how to say Together We Did It in Spanish, and print up shirts that say that. I think Tony Pena would approve, based on his harassment of the Nesbitt newlyweds in Arizona.

The Indianapolis airport may not be a lot of things (impressive, modern, big, clean) but I will say this: they play some outstanding music there. A couple weeks back I heard Johnny Marr’s “Down on the Corner” which is an excellent song. Sunday, I heard Doves “There Goes the Fear”. A better music selection than your average radio station. All at your friendly local airport.

I had a couple other interesting observations, at least to me, Sunday at the Indy airport. First, the entire University of Minnesota baseball team managed to bring all foot traffic to a halt in one area of the airport as they checked in for their flight home. Imagine 30 or so guys, the support staff, coaches, and all their baggage scattered in the check in lines. Later, I heard some woman just screaming at a family member on the phone because whoever was supposed to pick her up hadn’t arrived. I know all about being frustrated after traveling and then having to wait on your ride. But do you really have to scream at people on the phone so the whole world can hear? Finally, I saw a guy make about three passes through the pick-up area, driving slowly, looking for someone. I only noticed him because he had some little rat dog in his lap, peeking out the window. I’ve never understood the whole driving with a dog in your lap thing. But I noticed he had to reach through and around the dog to turn the steering wheel. I bet this guy complains about people who drive and talk on their cell phones at the same time. Finally, his wife/lover/whatever shows up. He parks, gets out, and holds up the dog. This 40-something woman starts squealing like a nine year old. Come on, show some dignity. It was one of those little dogs that shivers a lot, never really looks healthy or happy. I’m sure it brings great joy to her life but please, save it for when the door is shut and I don’t have to listen.