If you’re not listening to the Royals-White Sox game today, you should be. Ryan Lefebvre is really on a roll.

I’m shocked, SHOCKED, that the Royals lead the American League in home runs.

I was perusing the roster of Your Indianapolis Indians and saw that former Royal Dan Reichert is on the staff. It’ll be fun to see one of the Arms of the Future of the Royals from a few years back toiling in AAA.

There a cardinal couple nesting in the trees just outside my office window. I’ve seen the male popping in and out of the branches for several days. When I went out to get the mail today, I heard a rustling but couldn’t see him. Finally, I saw the female’s bright beak peaking out at me. The miracle of life right outside my office! They seem to know when I’m on a conference call (my window is open today) because they chatter a lot then. It’s refreshing to see even birds want to help make my clients happier!

Another solid story from my trip last weekend I forgot to share. I settled into my seat on my flight from Chicago to Indy Sunday (middle seat, thanks to being in herding, errrr, boarding group C on Southwest) and heard an older gentleman behind me chatting up a younger lady. I heard the girl say she was a student at IU and had been in Kansas City visiting friends over the weekend. Turns out the older man was on his way to meet some buddies for a fishing trip somewhere. At some point, the subject of barbecue came up. “That’s the one thing I don’t like about Indiana,” the girl said, “there aren’t any good barbecue restaurants.” Wow, I like what I’m hearing! For the next few minutes I only heard bits and pieces of the conversation, but it sounded like this girl was a serious fan of smoked meats. I mentally made a note to offer to pay for her tuition next semester, as I could tell she was a fine individual. Sadly, I heard she has a friend whose father works for my company, so I chose not to make contact with her after the flight.