First, it’s far too cold for May 3. I hate that one last cold snap that just ruins some weekend in the spring. Not sure how cold it actually got here last night, but we flipped the heat on at 5:00 yesterday afternoon. So much for thinking the gas bills wouldn’t be something we had to worry about until November.

Friday night, we watched a birthing video. I can’t claim I learned much because I was busy ridiculing the fashion of the people in the video, which was filmed in 1987. One mom clearly put on mascara before she started 18 hours of labor. In the post-birth scenes, she had bright red hair that scrapped the ceiling and hung like a mullet around her shoulders. Plus, it was clearly filmed at some “alternative” birthing center as the delivering moms were doing all kinds of crazy things. When a pediatrician who works with kids straight out of the womb says, “What the hell are they doing?!?!” I think it’s safe to assume the video didn’t share the experience we’re going to go through.

We did some shopping over the weekend. S. made the observation that when we were in stores like Banana Republic, J Crew, etc. the hired help doesn’t ask her if she needs any help any more. They just smile and ask her how she’s doing. A pretty clear sign she’s obviously pregnant now.

Saturday we went to the Circle Center Mall in downtown Indy. We stopped in for dinner at PF Chang’s and settled at the bar for the obligatory 45 minute wait. Looking around, there were numerous tables set for rather large groups. Around 6:00, groups of fancily dressed teenagers began pouring in. Yep, it was a prom night. I understand kids aren’t always flush with money on prom night, especially after buying a dress/renting a tux, arranging for transportation, paying some 25 year old a 30% tax to have him buy you three cases of the cheapest beer possible. But PF Chang’s? We went to Plaza III for our prom night dinner. I love the Chang’s, and I know it’s not exactly cheap, but it seems pretty informal for something as special as prom. I imagine these are the same people who get engaged at sporting events.

Coral was clearly a popular color in prom dresses this year. And it’s always funny to watch 16 year old girls try to walk in formal dresses and heels. Can I also say the way some of these girls look is completely ridiculous? No daughter of mine is leaving the house looking like that!

After dinner, we walked around the mall, which like most malls in the US is a big cruising ground for teenagers on weekend nights. So in addition to all the promsters, the mall was loaded with regular kids out for a cruise. I decided the retro jersey craze has gotten completely out of control. I saw jerseys for players I barely knew, and I’m sure 15 year olds had no clue who they were. I think I liked it better when you saw 1000 Deion Sanders and Michael Jordan jerseys. Not to mention jerseys that went for $75 when we were in college now run for $275. Where are these kids getting this kind of money for a 1971 Dallas Chaparrals Ron Boone jersey?

The Royals are totally disheartening. Even when they play well, they can’t get a win. I fear Carlos Beltran was looking at condos in Manhattan this weekend. The five year window that began with Sweeney, Beltran, Febles, etc. coming up is sliding shut.

It was criminal that I didn’t include Echo and the Bunnymen’s “Lips Like Sugar” in my top 20 songs of the 80s list I put together back in ’99. Funny how songs that are so old and you barely knew can rocket to the top of your list years later.

We’re in the market for a good camcorder. Sony seems to be the brand of choice among other recent/prospective parents I’ve talked to. Any other recommendations?

Book of the weekend: John Lydon’s Rotten: No Irish, No Blacks, No Dogs. It’s the memoir of Lydon’s youth and his time as lead singer for the Sex Pistols. An interesting read for anyone that’s into music history. I tend to think many of his criticisms of Joe Strummer and the Clash were based on jealousy rather than legitimate critiques, but it was still worth the read to get Lydon’s perspective on things. He has some very interesting views on the state of the world at the time he wrote the book (1994). What I enjoyed most was the title, which was taken from the postings at many bars, hotels, and houses for rent in England back in the day. Lydon, who was Irish by ethnicity by English by birth, rails on the class system of England throughout the book. What a beautiful statement on the ridiculous nature of racism. Not only are you lesser if you happen to be from Ireland or Africa (or your parents are) but you’re no better than a dog. God Save the Queen!