I missed Lance Armstrong’s destruction of the Tour de France field today while I was at the dentist getting a filling. There’s not much cooler than catching a world-class racer who had a two-minute head start then beating him handily. The Legend of Lance grows.

While letting the Novocain take effect, though, I did see something very odd on the TV at the dentist’s office. I was staring at the ceiling during a commercial break and heard the most excellent “That Great Love Sound” by the most excellent Raveonettes. Why would such a great song be played on network TV during the Wayne Brady Show? Turns out the Scandinavian duo have sold the rights to their current alterna-hit to K-Mart of all people. I’m not sure how stellar indie rock that recalls the best days of The Jesus and Mary Chain has anything to do with highly discounted goods, but it did get my attention, so I guess it served the intended purpose.
While I hope this means a broader audience for the Raveonettes, more album sales, and greater concert attendance, I’m a little concerned with their choice of sponsorships. What happened to getting a Nike or Coke commercial? Or give Apple a call and do whatever it takes to get into the 4G iPod commercials for crying out loud. Perhaps being from Denmark, they don’t realize how low on the retail totem pole K-Mart falls. Conversely, perhaps this is Danish irony and I just don’t get it. Oh well. Using iTunes, MusicMatch, or whatever legal music service you use, I highly suggest checking out some of the R’s tunes.

By the way, worth noting that all our corporate e-mail and many of our internal applications have been fried for over 24 hours. Not sure if it was a massive hardware failure, the nasty virus that’s been going around, or a combination. I blame the insecurity of the Windows world regardless. Can you imagine, 24 hours without e-mail??? Thank goodness for home accounts!