No one actually said that, but I thought the hostess at the Cheesecake Factory said that as we approached her desk last night. Fortunately, S. didn’t hear her at all and asked her to repeat herself. “That’s the cutest stomach I’ve ever seen, you should be pregnant all the time. I’ve had four and I never looked that good. This must be your first?” Thus began another unsolicited conversation between a random woman and my wife. I’ll take it in exchange for the lack of strangers coming up and touching her stomach. This is the third such encounter at the entrance of a restaurant, so there’s something odd about eateries and the desire to talk to pregnant women I guess. S. thanked the hostess, and I told her I say she looks good all the time but she doesn’t listen to me.
“That’s because all men lie.”
Whoa! Here’s an odd turn in the conversation.
“My husband told me the same thing and all he does is lie to me.”
Warning, tread carefully.
“Well, we’ve only been married a year, so don’t ruin it for me.”
“I’ve been married seven and my husband’s a liar.”
Great, could you like seat us, pronto so we don’t have to listen to you, crazy woman?
We were seated before any additional uncomfortable exchanges.

I’ve had a couple people ask me about the whole phone tree thing. All the planning I had done so far involved assuming I would phone a post into the blog as soon as I’m able after the Little Girlfriend arrives. If possible, I’ll audioblog the fact we’re at the hospital to begin with, but since these things can happen suddenly, I can’t guarantee anything. So keep your eyes on this space for first notification. Hopefully I’ll have a more exact plan in place for more personal communication in the next couple weeks.