Baby’s first Halloween was a bit of a bust. Saturday night, we went to a kid-friendly party in full costume. M. never got her late afternoon/early evening nap in, and thus decided to cry for most of the two hours we were at the party. When she really got cranked up, we decided to flee rather than be the people with the kid that ruined the event for everyone. Naturally, as soon as we were out of the driveway and headed home, M. started smiling and laughing at S. Because of our abbreviated stay, there are fewer pics that we had hoped of all of us in costume. We’re going to take some more photos this week and I’ll add those into the album, but for now what pics we did take are available at the usual location. I’m pretty bummed we don’t have more pics of M. in her Little Stinker costume or of S.¬†and I as Ariana and Craig, the Spartan Spirit cheerleaders, in action.
Sunday night, we were going to hang out at our place for a little while, greeting neighborhood kids with candy, then head to over to a gathering some friends were having. We waited for nearly an hour, but had no trick or treaters. Not a one. There was a neighborhood party in the afternoon so that must have sucked all the life out of the kids. As we were leaving our street at 6:30, we saw the first batch of kids heading towards our cul-de-sac. Sorry kids! We threw M. in her costume and made our way to the home of some friends who live just on the edge of the old, fancy neighborhoods and the inner city. There were literally busloads of kids from the inner city who came out to trick or treat in the more affluent neighborhoods. It was a little sad to see how many of them didn’t have costumes; they just had their jackets or sweatshirts on. Our hosts are rather well off and were giving out all kinds of candies, cookies, and bags of chips. Some of the kids would stare at them in disbelief when their bags filled up with all the goodies they were getting.
Hope all of you had safe and happy Halloweens. More to come later.